As an extra benefit of students and staff living, learning and recreating together, boarding school provides a unique sense of community and high levels of bonding and interaction rarely achieved in day-programs. By caring for the individual and varied needs of its student body, a boarding school builds natural structure into the day and week which in turn, promotes personal growth, involvement in new experiences, and rare opportunities for leadership and responsibility. The sense of family and orderly structure innately supports and encourages each student's personal development in academics, the arts, life skills, and social development.

GateWay students will be housed on a beautiful campus equipped with both a living and educational facility. All students are assigned a "family" within the living facility. Each family consists of 10-12 students, supervised by 2 surrogate parents who are married and have had experience with child rearing. Each student shares in daily living routines and participates in a variety of after-school activities. The residential life component provides an environment that offers the student a wide range of enrichment activities, character building seminars, and academic support that occur both before and after the academic day. Students reside on campus for the first six weeks after orientation. GateWay is an open entry, year-around program with holidays and vacations sprinkled throughout. The flexibility of individualized instruction allows students to progress at their own rate, thereby taking advantage of vacation opportunities throughout the year.

The character building curriculum focuses on the Academy's nine core values: temperance, deferred gratification, accountability, integrity, respect, endurance, empathy, service, and commitment to excellence. Seminars are offered three days per week in a variety of settings and with an array of activities.

In keeping with male adolescent brain research, emphasizing the need for increased sleep and later morning starts, the student's fully-structured day begins at 9 a.m. with personal care, devotions, and breakfast. This is followed by academic class rotation, physical education, lunch, daily chores, enrichment and extra-curricular activities. Academic help sessions, group and/or individual counseling, are followed by dinner and chores. Recreation, and character building seminars precede bedtime snack and recreational reading before lights out at 11pm.

Students participate in clubs three times a week. Clubs give students the opportunity to relax and develop new skills. Some examples of clubs are art, chorus, soccer, football, drama, chess, and public speaking/debate.

Weekends are filled with recreational and cultural activities, and additional academic support. Transportation is also provided for church attendance on Sunday.

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