GateWay Boarding Academy, Inc. was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, in March, 2015. The Academy will serve at-risk male adolescents statewide. Using the State of Maryland's Common Core Curriculum as a foundation, the school will provide evidence-based, individualized academic support and an environment that fosters respect and accountability. The Academy opening is planned for 2019. 


We serve adolescent males who have been identified by juvenile justice, foster care and other community agencies. Our mission is to provide these young men with a second chance to achieve an education that prepares them for success in college and beyond, and life skills necessary for successful and productive living.

Along with individualized supportive instruction, we will offer our students a boarding school environment structured to provide cultural experiences, group counseling and recreation. Additionally, it will provide for parent involvement, as the students perfect the academic and life skills necessary for successful and productive living.


Our core values will permeate every aspect of the GateWay Boarding Academy; they will be reflected in and reinforced by everything we will do.

Self-Control or restraining my own impulses, desires, behavior and actions and doing what is expected of me

Deferred Gratification:
Putting off receiving an immediate reward in order to gain a greater reward later. Trading short-term pleasure for long-term gain

Taking responsibility for what I do

Adherence to moral and ethical principles, being honest, even when no one is looking

To show regard or consideration for others

Perseverance, committed to hard work, patience and steady persistence in pursuing goals

Putting myself in another's place, "walking in another's shoes" and understanding how he/she feels

Community Service:
Volunteering to serve in the community to raise the productivity of those around me; an important part of life skills necessary for successful and productive living

Commitment to Excellence:
Doing my best and being the best that I can be

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