Academy Support

The Counseling program is two-fold in nature. There is a school counselor/advisor and a social worker to address student needs both in home and school environments.

The school counselor will meet with each student at least once each week to check in on academic goals, progress and related issues, big and small. This advisor/counselor, acts as a mentor and advocates for the student, linking the GateWay Academy and students' homes with frequent parent/guardian updates.

The social worker works with our students on both a one-on-one basis and in group sessions to help prepare them to handle life challenges more appropriately. The social worker also continues to interface with the sending agency as legally required and helps the parents/guardians understand how to support the progress students make at the Academy.

Graduate Support

Help will also be extended to our students after they graduate and are working on putting the life skills they have learned into practice. Sometimes, it can be difficult to learn how to apply these new tools in new living situations; college campus life, trade apprentice programs and other sources of potential real-world problems can pose significant challenges for the new graduate.

Through the Graduate Support part of our counseling program, we will make every effort to help our graduates maintain the progress they have realized well into their futures.

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