Because of its individualized instructional program, the Academy has an open enrollment process and applications are considered throughout the year. Prior to applying for admission, GateWay Boarding Academy welcomes parents, students, and referring agencies to schedule an informational visit during which they will receive a description of the school's mission, services and programs.

The process leading to enrollment in the residential program in 2021 consists of six steps: Inquiry, Referral, Application, Interview, Admission and Enrollment.

  • Inquiry generates a referral questionnaire. Inquiry may be made by family/guardian or referral agency in-person, by phone (301-331-0658); by postal mail (6368 Coventry Way, Suite 254, Clinton, MD 20735); website (; or by e-mail (;
  • When the questionnaire is returned, referral is official and an application form will be provided to referring source;
  • When completed application is received in the Academy office, it is date stamped and reviewed, and an admission interview will be scheduled for prospective student and parent/guardian or legally responsible adult.
  • The interview will be conducted by three Academy officials and will include academic placement assessment. The admission decision will be made within two weeks.
  • Notification of the admission decision will be provided to the applicant family/guardian.

If the applicant does not meet the criteria for admission, the principal or designee will send a letter of explanation. This letter often includes recommendations for other programs that may be more appropriate, as well as an invitation to call with any questions.

If the applicant is accepted for admission, the notification will include an enrollment contract and a request for the following documents to complete the admissions process:

  • 1. student academic record release form (includes request for standardized test scores)
  • 2. immunization record
  • 3. record of physical exam within previous twelve months
  • 4. copy of I.E.P. if applicable

Submission of remaining admission materials and enrollment contract are required to be submitted within two weeks of admission notification.

  • Date of Official enrollment and orientation will be asigned within two weeks of receipt of all remaining admission documents.


After a place has been offered the school reserves the right to withdraw the offer in the following circumstances:

  • If an application is found to be fraudulent or deliberately misleading.
  • When a parent/guardian has failed to respond to an offer within a reasonable time.
  • When a parent/guardian has failed to notify the school of important changes to the application information.
  • If an applicant is arrested and incarcerated after he has interviewed with the Academy.
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