The design of a year-round curriculum for GateWay Boarding Academy provides a holistic educational approach, enriching the lives of a broad range of students. In addition to a commitment to academic excellence, the curriculum will afford the students the opportunity to participate in an array of structured extra-curricular activities to include individual academic counseling, athletics, the arts, vocational training, career development, and church attendance. Students will also be enabled to complete a service-learning project as well as participate in and/or initiate school-wide assemblies, and fundraising-entrepreneurship events. Godly life skills, core values, and building safe, healthy communities will be central to the curriculum and reflected in all facets of school life.

Each student will:

  1. Meet or exceed Maryland State Common Core Standards and earn a minimum of 21 credit hours to graduate.
  2. Participate in ongoing extracurricular activities to broaden their awareness of self, careers, and community.
  3. Establish a strong foundation and garner the tools to live a godly, principled life.

The academic history, initial placement and benchmark assessments will be used to assist in determining the individualized learning plan for each student. We expect that: 

  1. Academic History -- On entry to the academy, students will possess a broad range of academic and social skills
  2. Special Course Offerings -- Pre- and post-assessments will be used to determine placement in higher level math offerings, and AP courses, as well as in basic skill development English and math
  3. Benchmark Assessments --Students are required to meet benchmarks before moving to the next level;
  4. Individualized Instruction - All students will be allowed to successfully progress according to their ability

The following exemplify the options from which the individual student's program will be crafted:

  1. Exploration Opportunities -- community and team building skills, study skills, camping opportunities, summer internships and career explorations.
  2. Academic Support -- One-on-one tutoring in reading and/or mathematics 
  3. Extra-Curricular Activities -- courses, clubs, and other activities beyond graduation requirements
  4. Basic Life Skills Instruction -- interactive social skills with peers and adults, the nine GateWay Core Values, independent living skills to include housing and money management, work and study skills, and career and educational planning; 
  5. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Involvement -- parent(s)/guardian(s) engagement in educational process through volunteering, and counseling from orientation through graduation

Staff Support --  administrator(s), counselor(s), teachers, dorm parents, and support staff will assist in the academic process and extra-curricular activities.

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